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Russia Youth Environmental Program (RYEP) is pleased to announce video contest for RYEP alumni 2019!



Russia Youth Environmental Program invites RYEP alumni to create and submit “how to” videos to showcase the implementation of their community projects in Russia that are designed based on knowledge and skills acquired during the RYEP exchange.




How to Participate:

  1. Create a video demonstrating how you prepared and conducted the project that you developed during the exchange.
  2. Be creative: use photos, graphics and/or live footage to diversify your video. The video should clearly state the project goal and the challenge the project addresses; demonstrate the steps of project implementation; its impact on the local community; and provide feedback from the project participants.
  3. Videos can depict community service activities (cleanups, plogging, quests, lectures and workshops, eco camp or eco-festival activities, conferences).
  4. Upload your video to YouTube.
  5. Post the link of your video here:


Every video submission must include:

- The creator's name;
- Name of the project;
- Title of the video;
- Description of the video in 3-5 sentences.

Your video:

The video contest participant:

How to Win:

Contest winners will be selected by a panel made up of PH and Sustainable Learning staff.

Winning videos will be selected based on:

The top three videos will be awarded prizes.


Winners will receive prizes from Go Pro to various digital accessories to help alumni develop and improve upon their videography/photography skills.


Videos must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm (Moscow time), November 30, 2019.


By submitting your video, you allow RYEP to post it on its web-sites for the promotion of the Russia Youth Environmental Program and share it with program partners. All submissions will be the property of RYEP program and may be used in future publications and web outlets.  It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that the persons included in the submission, including stories, videos, pictures, or other information shared and related to this contest, have approved the usage of their story or images on the RYEP website and/or in other program related materials.